List of Inbound Services

Data center Services

We create value for you by maximizing efficiency and ensuring better customer experience through data entry, processing and conversion.

All companies aim to attain growth by focusing on distribution, product or service and brand. For you to focus on your core competences you need to have a fully functional back-office with majority of the processes operating efficiently.

Growth is made harder when the back-office is holding the company back, both in terms of fixed costs and limited capability. Majority of the back-office processes are centered around accurate data entry for storage, reliable data processing for easy retrieval & classification and efficient data conversion for analysis and reporting.

Data center services include:

  • Data entry: Legal data, numeric data, Ms Access data, handwritten data, surveys/questionnaires, insurance data
  • Data processing: Catalogue processing, product profile processing, Data mining, data capture & extraction, form processing, image processing, survey processing
  • Data conversion: Business card conversion, ebook conversion, catalogue conversion, document conversion, audio transcription
  • Training, research and support
  • Audio and Video content dissemination

We offer excellent data processing and management services at affordable rates. With a team of data entry specialists, we are able to perform error-free data management services.